The magic happens in the VATTEA...
Elements, water, earth, metals are joined and revealed.

From there our jewels are born , jewels filled of dexterity inherited from the different crafts and techniques of our magical Colombia, which inspires and strengthens us.
Discover the history of our pieces.




VATTEA was born in Medellin, Colombia, from the union of Laura and Ana Maria Maya Silva, two sisters who at the end of their career in jewelry production and industrial design respectively, decided to create their jewelry brand in 2016.
They elaborate each piece full in details and pay close attention to the hand made processes, the work with the hand-woven and starched threads is the result of a research process with natural starches that has managed to obtain an impeccable manufacture.
We are inspired by several ancestral cultures and their representation through objects and symbols, we take the colors as references of Colombian folklore to evoke the warmth and strength of Latin women.
VATTEA’s base material is bronze. Each piece receives a texture or polish to get this rustic effect that is seen in our jewels; then each piece is armored in 24 carat gold. Cotton yarn is another material that characterizes us; it goes through a hand sewing process to finally be starched with other natural starches. Our results are flawless pieces with great hand-made value.
Our artisanal processes are developed by people from our community; we have households mothers, people with mild disabilities and ex-inmate women as well. They are responsible for sewing threads, starching, finishing and packing. Some of them work from home and others come to our workshop in Medellín. We are partakers on providing new job opportunities.